I left behind the safety of my gluten free kitchen in New York to spend Thanksgiving with my family in California. I have a set of inexpensive cooking utensils and supplies at my Mom’s house for whenever I visit.

Before I arrive, she “de-glutens” the kitchen: wiping down counters, putting silverware and dishware through the dishwasher. I am lucky to have a family that is so accommodating and understanding of my gluten free needs. (A more detailed listing of how to “decontaminate” a kitchen is available on the Delphi forums.)

Thanksgiving is always an interesting adventure for someone with Celiac disease. There are so many emotions and memories associated with this meal that it can be a particularly tough event. This year, since I love to cook, we decided that I would prepare the meal for the five us. Well invitations ended up going out to the extended family in the area and now I am cooking a complete gluten free thanksgiving for 20 people. Now this should be fun! Pictures and recipes to follow.

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