Elegant, Gluten Free Italian in Manhattan

Lumi restaurant provides an elegant gluten free dining experience on Manhattan's Upper East Side. This restaurant prepares lovely Italian fare. It is located just north of Midtown East and walking distance from Bloomingdales. You will find this refined restaurant also happens to be part of the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program.

My friends and I decided a couple years ago to forgo purchasing gifts for one another during the holidays. Instead we treat ourselves to a nice dinner that otherwise would be a splurge. It has turned into a great tradition. This year we decide to try Lumi. The food was fantastic and the ambiance was welcoming.

One of the gluten free appetizers on the menu is fresh buffalo mozzarella in a tomato basil cream sauce. It was exquisite.
The veal appetizer was served on a bed of mixed greens and topped with a reduction sauce of tuna, capers and parsley. I wasn't expecting a cold dish, but it was still quite good.

They offer gluten free rice pastas, but I selected the halibut served on top of a beautifully flavored fennel and tomato mixture. It was cooked perfectly and the flavors were balanced and rich without overpowering one another.

They offer gluten free sorbets and gelato for dessert, though I was too full to try them on this trip.

Every dish we saw served to those around us made us want to try something else. I will definitely have to make it back to Lumi when I feel like splurging on a fine meal. (or when my parents come to visit – Hi Dad!)

Lumi is located at: 963 Lexington Ave, New York 10021 At 70th St Phone: 212-570-2335

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Meril said...

Did you know Lumi means snow in estonian?