My Holiday Soiree

Here is the final menu from my gluten free holiday party. Seeing as I was the only person at the party who couldn’t have gluten, I couldn’t sacrifice any flavor or quality to keep everything gluten free.

The Cheese Platter

I love gourmet cheeses. A party is just the excuse I need to try new food and cheese combinations. After getting some inspiration from “The Cheese Plate” by Max McCalman, I decided on the following:

Soft Cheeses:
Saga Blue
St. Andre double crème
Pepper Goat Cheese log

Hard and semi-soft cheeses:
Aged Gruyere
12-month aged Manchego
Arina Goat Gouda

Quince Paste
Granny Smith apples
Dried Apricots
Blue Diamond Nut Thins – Pecan and Almond flavors
Glutano Crackers – they have a crispy Ritz cracker flavor

Crudites served with Cilantro dipping sauce and my bean spread.

Corn tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole.

Tamari Roasted Almonds

For sweets, I served the Vanilla Butterscotch Bark, Gingerbread cupcakes, candy canes and toffee.

I hope no one left hungry and I’m sure no one “missed” the gluten.


BB said...

I certainly didn't leave hungry, and I didn't miss the gluten. Kudos!

Lynn Barry said...

Mighty impressive! Happy Holidays!