Gluten Free Gone Trendy

I have been lucky enough to go to Asia de Cuba a few times since I moved to NYC. This is arguably the trendiest restaurant in the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program. It’s a family-style Asian/Cuban fusion restaurant in Manhattan’s Midtown East / Murray Hill neighborhood. The door is practically hidden so you may walk by it a few times before finding your way inside the restaurant.

If you can convince your dining companions to all go gluten free you will get to try an array of delicious gluten free dishes. On my most recent trip, it was difficult to get photos of all of the food. We were all so enthusiastic; we ate much of it before I remembered to get out my camera!

Luckily I managed to get enough photos to tantalize most taste buds.

The Asia de Cuba salad is amazing. It combines, cashews, hearts of palm, chayote squash, and bananas on top of mixed greens.

The asian pesto grilled shrimp is served with a side of charred mangoes and papayas. I managed to get one photo before the plate was completely finished.

The “ropa vieja” of duck is not the most photogenic dish, but the flavor of the shredded duck in a lettuce wrap with strips of calabaza, cucumber and radishes will not disappoint.

Now on to the entrees. The pan seared ahi tuna is crusted with black pepper and served on mashed potatoes.

The palomillo of marinated lamb was a nice hearty dish with stir fried peppers, onions and eggplant.

My favorite by far is the miso cured black cod served with black beans and edamame. We had to order two of these. The fish is so light and delicious I could have easily eaten one all on my own.

They offer two gluten free dessert options – a flourless chocolate cake called the “Latin Lover” and an assortment of sorbets and ice creams. We were too full to partake this time but I have had the flourless chocolate cake at previous dinners. Chocolate connoisseurs give this one their approval.

Reservations are sometimes hard to come by at Asia de Cuba but they also have a large “communal” table that frees up more frequently. I had one of my most fun dinners in Manhattan at this table sitting next to a couple discussing the details of the latest Project Runway season (Make it work people).
I love NY! And I feel lucky to have this delicious gluten free restaurant option right in midtown manhattan.

Asia de Cuba 237 Madison Ave, New York 10016 Btwn 37th & 38th St Phone: 212-726-7755


Lynn Barry said...

I think you should be getting paid by someone. Your entries on the GF dining places are outstanding. Thanks!

Doris said...

There's an Asia de Cuba in Los Angeles too. I wonder if it's part of the chain that does the gluten free menu.

Molly said...

I love Asia de Cuba. I went with my Uncle, and you're right. The cod is to die for.

Catherine said...

Thanks Lynn - if only!

Doris - They are definitely related but I don't think the LA restaurant does gluten free. I will check into it though and maybe we can go next time I'm home.

Molly - we should go sometime to celebrate!