Gluten-Free Take Out!

It’s all about the simple pleasures in life.

Many New Yorkers take pride in the fact that they have empty fridges, surviving on the panoply of take out choices available at the touch of a dial.

I had a full fridge even before Celiac, but “ordering in” from a library of menus ranging from Italian to Vietnamese suddenly become off limits when adhering to a gluten free diet. I mourned the loss of convenience but relished the new foods and recipes that entered my culinary repertoire. Sometimes though, you are just too tired to cook.

After enjoying a lovely gluten free meal at Gobo, I was pleased to learn that their Upper East Side location delivers to my apartment! Imagine my delight when a friend visited from out of town, being able to offer her a menu, order dinner and have it delivered right to my door. While the fresh foods in my fridge won’t be replaced with take-out containers any time soon, it’s always nice to have a variety of options.


Wheat Free said...

Now that is a convenience I would love! This restaurant should be franchised in every major city!

Catherine said...

Agreed! I was more excited for take out than I ever thought possible. These kinds of resources make it hard to imagine leaving NYC!