I'm in Love with a CEO

I take this break from a regularly scheduled gluten free recipe, restaurant or product review to announce that I am in love. I became an aunt today. My younger brother Daren, and dearest friend, is now a Dad. I can hardly believe it. His son, Cameron (who’s initials are CEO) was born today.

I am beyond ecstatic. I was practically running through the cavernous hospital hallways to reach the room holding this little miracle.

I greedily snuggled him close to me until my brother forced me to let grandma have a turn.

I let Dad hold him only long enough for a photo op.

Then I took Cameron back into my arms and gently pressed kisses on his forehead and surprisingly full head of blonde hair.

As I felt his tiny heart beat and lungs expand, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of awe. Little does Cameron know how much love I am going to pour over him whenever I have the chance.

Lest the post be finished without a mention of food, I will tell you what Daren and Jenn said about “Aunt Catherine” shortly after they discovered they were expecting. “Oh we know our kids are going to love you. They’ll say ‘We like going to see Aunt Catherine, she makes us eat weird stuff, but she’s really cool.’"

I can’t wait to be ‘cool Aunt Catherine.’ Congratulations Jenn, Daren and Cameron. I love you all.

UPDATE: He's at home now, already taking over Mom and Dad's bed.


Molly said...


Lea Ray said...

He is gorgeous. Congratulations. Baby's are the best.

Doris said...

He's SO cute! Congrats, auntie Catherine (auntie to two, now - Cameron and Clara)

Catherine said...

Thanks all! He just keeps getting cuter too.

This was the most amazing week because I got to meet my niece Clara too - Doris's BEA-U-TIFUL daughter. :)

Erin S. said...

Catherine, I don't know how I missed this posting but I really can't believe how much we have in common. My nieces were born on June 13 and have the same blankets as your little CEO. (You can check out my posting here)

Congratulations to you and for falling in love. I can relate 100%, but maybe with twins it's 200%. ;-) They are truly amazing!!

Catherine said...

It's uncanny isn't Erin? congrats to you too!