Back to my Southern Roots - Blue Ridge Grill in ATL

Amber, a gluten-free food lover (by choice) has accompanied me to more amazing dinners than I can list. She always turns away the bread and splits dishes with me so that we can sample more, and I don’t have to worry about cross-contamination. The first time she suggested Blue Ridge Grill I didn’t have any idea what a treat awaited me. It is an elegant, old-time lodge with a very Southern feel. The food, however, is not as heavy as one might expect from a classic Southern establishment.

Tuna tartare timbale with avocado, tomatoes and onion, merited a second visit.

The heirloom tomato salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil was served with Alea and Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt.

The smoky flavor of the course Alea salt was so intoxicating it led me to purchase the expensive delicacy and partake almost every day for a week.

The meat in the crab cocktail was not particularly noteworthy, but the selection of gluten-free sauces was impressive – cajun remoulade with scallion oil, horseradish aioli in addition to the standard cocktail and tartar sauces.

I first discovered how good grits could be during a trip to Atlanta, so the Blue Ridge version -buttered and served with boursin cheese just added to my Yankee fascination with the dish.

On one trip we ordered the sautéed spinach and were a touch disappointed.

The next time we stuck with a Southern standby – collard greens with ham hock, absolutely outstanding.

With all of the sides, during each trip we only needed to split one main course (“need” being a very relative term when so much food is involved).

My favorite was the seared scallops with fingerling potato and leek ragout served in a caviar butter sauce (my half-portion pictured above).

Amber preferred the pork chop with apple chutney.

The gluten-free menu at Blue Ridge even includes dessert options. We split what may be my all-time favorite dessert: crème brulee. Because it is one of my favorites (I bought a torch just so I could make it at home) I am unforgiving when served a sub-standard version. Blue Ridge’s offering was perfect, a crispy, crunchy shell with a smooth and creamy custard filling. The fresh berries make a lovely complement.

I am looking forward to future dinners at Blue Ridge and even more dining adventures with Amber.

Blue Ridge Grill - Address: 1261 W Paces Ferry Rd NWAtlanta, GA 30327 Phone: (404) 233-5030


Carrie said...

Wow!! That look delicious!!! We don't have any gourmet restaurants like that where I live... I'm glad you have so many great options when you dine out!! Love your blog!

GFTiff said...

Wow, that looks like an amazing meal!! Hope I will be going to ATL soon! Cool blog!