New York Gluten-Free News

Living gluten-free in NYC is becoming just a little bit easier. Lilli and Loo recently launched a gluten-free menu, GourmetLand reintroduced their gluten-free menu and now some of my favorite gluten-free products are available in health food stores in the city.

Le Garden GF Beer Bread Prepared

Le Garden Gourmet Gluten-Free Bakery in upstate New York now has products available at two Manhattan stores:

Food Liberation on Lexington and 89th 212-348-2286
The Health Nuts, Inc. on Second Ave and 64th 212-593-0116

I love their hearty artisanal gluten-free breads and their melba toasts can't be beat.

I tried their gluten-free beer quick bread mix a couple months ago, using Redbridge gluten-free beer.

It was absolutely delicious on its own, but paired wonderfully with my hearty turkey chili recipe.

Everybody Eats, a gluten-free bakery in Brooklyn, now has store hours on Saturdays AND is selling their products in Manhattan at Food Liberation on Lexington and 89th 212-348-2286.

Kelly at the CeliacChicks, announced last week that gluten-free lasagna, baked ziti and more will be available by delivery from Food Matters. The company is the brainchild of Vanessa Phillips, the woman we also have to thank for the ever-expanding gluten-free menu at Lilli and Loo and now a gluten-free menu at PizzaBolla in downtown Manhattan.

For those of you who live outside NY, don't fret, you can order products from Le Garden GF Bakery, Everybody Eats, and Food Matters. The shipping fees can sometimes be expensive, but trust me it's less than NYC rents.


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I don't suppose they deliver to Michigan?

Lynn Barry said...

It is exciting for those of us who need to adapt and be creative to find more to work with. HUGS

Elana's Pantry said...

Thanks for listing all of your resources. This will be so helpful during our next trip back to the city.