A Valentine's Day MeMe

Happy Valentine's Day, originally uploaded by A Gluten-Free Guide.

Happy Valentine's Day! I am leaving for a trip today - sure to return with new recipes, food and travel experiences to share with you. Before I go, I wanted to respond to Jeff's MeMe tag. (Since I already perpetuated this chain letter tradition in my first MeMe post, I won't be tagging anyone else.)

So here are a seven random facts about Ms. Gluten-Free Guide:

1. I love being an aunt. My adorable nephew lives in Texas now and I miss him terribly.

2. I live far away from my family but I talk to them on the phone almost everyday.

3. I am an eternal optimist.

4. As a yoga instructor I can now do backbends, forearm stands, handstands and all kinds of crazy things. But growing up, I couldn't even touch my toes.

5. I started eating sushi before eating cooked fish.

6. I helped Matt Damon get dressed once (you'll have to talk to me for the full story)

7. I overcame my fear this weekend, and chopped off my hair. It was scary, but now I love it.

It's a day to celebrate the important people in your life, go tell someone you love them!


greenfrog said...

The cut is perfect.

shauna said...

That's such a great haircut for you! And have a fabulous vacation.

CeliacChick said...

Cute hair cut!

Catherine said...

Thank you - the trip was great and I was loving the ease of the short do.

glutenfreeforgood said...

It's liberating, isn't it?! Cutting the hair, going on vacation, telling someone you love them! It's all good -- and you look SO cute with that new hairdo.

brooke said...

i LOVE your hair. so cute. i am jealous you are in paris... definately my favorite city.

Lynn Barry said...

I love your hair and thought of you last week when I was in the city at Patrick's show at Kenny's. HUGS and LOVE