Gluten Free Granola Taste Test

I have been on the hunt for a good gluten free granola since I saw this post about homemade gluten free granola. I have grand plans to try the recipe at some point. It definitely looks better than anything I have found in the store.

In the meantime, here is my analysis of a few of the packaged gluten free granolas that are currently available.

The best tasting granola by far was from “Bakery On Main.” Be aware that they do have some gluten containing granolas, so make sure you are buying one of the three gluten free flavors. I tried the Extreme Fruit and Nut flavor and the Apple Raisin Walnut flavor. They were both delicious, though there weren’t nearly as many nuts as the titles would indicate. I would definitely recommend these if you like your granola rich and sweet.

If you are looking for a less sweet option or Muesli the best thing I have found recently was the breakfast from Eat Natural. Second to that would be the Orgran brand muesli. The Glutano Organic Muesli came in last place. It was just too dry and lacked flavor and extra crunch – not to mention the fact that it was by far the most expensive. To a certain extent I have become dulled to the outrageous prices of some gluten free products, but at my local health food store the Glutano brand cost $7 for one box.

I tried the Enjoy Life Very Berry Granola without much success. It tasted like cardboard with a few flecks of dried fruit. The bright packaging lured me in, but don’t be fooled! Perhaps the other flavors are better, but I wasn't willing to try after my experience with the first one.

I am determined to try making my own when I have a few days off over the holidays. I will let you know how it goes. If you have any other recommendations, please share!


Jessica said...

I tried the Gluten-Free Goddess' granola recipe last month, and it is now my very favourite! You can substitute regular rolled oats for the McCann's if you can tolerate them (for a bit of variety and cost savings). I also do not eat processed sugar and used agave nectar instead of honey, it was fantastic and my gluten-eating BF said it was the best granola he ever had.

Anonymous said...

So far I tried two flavors of the Bakery On Main. They both were excellent. A little pricey but all the gluten free foods are a little pricey. I'm not a big cold cereal person but I love granola on my yogurt and the Bakery On Main was a real treat.
Now, however, I'm working on getting rid of sugar so I'm looking for granola receipes that I can substitute Agave Nectar for the honey.