Gluten Free Menu in Midtown Manhattan

I was taking a class in midtown Manhattan this week. With a little advanced research, I learned I didn’t have to bring a gluten free travel lunch with me because class was within walking distance of Bloom’s Deli and Café, part of the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program.

Luckily we arrived before the crowd and were seated immediately. I requested a gluten free menu which consisted of a printed out sheet of paper with the various gluten free appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts. There were plenty of options.

The décor is kitschy but cute – this is the back area before the restaurant was flooded with its lunch crowd. Considering the number of office buildings in the neighborhood, I would guess that it’s less crowded at dinner.

All diners are given a selection of pickles and a serving of cole slaw when seated. I was tempted by the feta and tomato appetizer but I wasn’t that hungry so that will stay on my list of things to try on my next visit.

I ordered a Portabello mushroom salad with fresh mozzarella, olives, and tomatoes. It was tasty, though next time I will order the vinaigrette on the side so that I can control the amount of dressing.

My co-worker ordered a smoked salmon salad with brie and avocadoes. She agreed that it was delicious but would have liked a little less dressing.

While I didn’t get any photos, Bloom’s also offers gluten free french fries. While potatoes are naturally gluten free, it’s not always easy to find gluten free french fries due to cross-contamination of the oil in the fryers. If you are craving french fries, check to make sure the restaurant uses a dedicated fryer.

There are only two gluten free dessert options at Bloom's, a vanilla rice pudding and fresh fruit platter. We ordered the rice pudding. It had a nice taste and texture – the cinnamon topping complemented the vanilla well.

Bloom’s is a great, quick, gluten free restaurant option in midtown. Next time you are in New York, looking for a break from the chaos of Times Square, head a few blocks east to Bloom’s.

Bloom's is located at 350 Lexington Ave, New York 10016 At 40th St Phone: 212-922-3663


Lynn Barry said...

This is wonderful news. When Pat is back in the city and I go to one of their gigs I will check this place out. Thanks so much!

Catherine said...

I hope you enjoy it!