Gluten Free Italian in Westchester

I am a city girl. I love Manhattan and usually stay within my dear borough (though I do have a soft spot for Brooklyn). One of my dearest friends Antenisca lives in Westchester; we've been close since we met during my first job in the city. We both have different jobs now, but I am so glad we had that time together. Antenisca is an amazing cook. We have made a few dinners together; I am always eager to get her authentic Italian cooking expertise. However, on my most recent trip up to see her and her family, we decided to take it easy on ourselves and go to a restaurant. (Though I am determined to do a gluten free version of pasta alla carbonara next time I visit.)

Ciao! is family-run Italian restaurant in Eastchester, and lucky for me it is part of the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness program. They serve large portions of well-prepared Italian food with quite a few gluten free options. While the gluten version of their menu is much more extensive, I didn’t feel any lack when making my selection.

All of the entrees are served with a simple green salad – and yes it’s gluten free!

I selected a delicious pair of pork chops served with sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions. The pepper and onion mixture brought me right back to my time in southern Italy, eating at friends’ homes. (There is no higher praise from me.)

They have rice pasta as an option for most of their gluten pasta dishes. While my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach, I knew I couldn't possibly eat both on one trip. This was a wise decision, as I ended up way too full for dessert. Though as we were leaving, I was told that their gelato is not gluten free. (This information was from a hostess however; I will confirm next time with a server.)

Ciao! is definitely kid and family friendly – they were great with Antenisca’s son Vito. I’m so greatful to be able to share great food experiences like this with wonderful friends. Take time to stop at Ciao! on your next trip to the suburbs of NYC.

Ciao Restaurant 5-7 John Albanese Place Eastchester, NY 10709 Tel: 914-779-4646


Lynn Barry said...

Is he adorable or what?
It is wonderful that you are finding so many GF places to dine at. Good for you!

ByTheBay said...

This is great news because, though I havne't announced it on my blog yet, I am moving to the Hudson Valley (Ulster County) at the beginning of May!

Catherine said...

How exciting! That's a big move; I feel honored that you announced it here. :)

Mike Eberhart said...

I sure wish we had the GF restaurant awareness program going on around here. To my knowledge, there isn't such a thing happening in my area. Sure sounds great though!

Catherine said...

I'm sure you could contact them to become a respresentative in your area (if you have the time). They did a training in the NYC area, but unfortunately the meeting conflicted with another commitment...