Bite-Sized Gluten-Free at Krog Bar Atlanta

My friend and fellow foodie Jim recently introduced me to Krog Bar in Atlanta. It’s a tapas and wine bar housed in a shed, but the ambiance of the open air patio, delicious food and wine list belie its location.

While much of the menu is not gluten-free friendly, we still found plenty of food that “wouldn’t make me sick” as Jim likes to say. Despite that less than appetizing description, the food was scrumptious.

Jim left the cheese selection to me, even though I had only signed up for my French Cheese class at the time. I selected a hard sheep’s milk pecorino that reminded me of my time in Rome. The hard Mahon Riserva and the creamy and soft robiola rounded out the assortment. The bread was saved for Krog’s other customers, but our cheeses were accompanied by a rich forest honey, sliced apples and a sliver of fig and almond cake. (click through to flickr to see which cheese is which)

Not satisfied with a mere cheese plate, we also ordered the almond and olive trio. The mini arbequina olives are perhaps the “cutest” things I’ve eaten in a while. The mixed Italian olives had the perfect strong but not over-powering flavor. And I have yet to find a Marcona almond that doesn’t please my palate.

Krog Bar is a must visit, even if the weather keeps you off of the patio.

Krog Bar 112 Krog Street Ste 27 Atlanta, GA 30307 Phone Number: 404.524.1618


liz said...

my husband is celiac and we love tapas for going out to eat- he gets so much variety!

love your posts-

Catherine said...

Thanks liz. Let me know if you have any places you recommend for gluten free tapas.