The Chocolate Bar Decatur, Georgia

Chocolate Bar, originally uploaded by A Gluten Free Guide.

The Chocolate Bar Decatur is a culinary treat all-around. As one might expect, this cute bar in Decatur, GA serves a wide area of chocolate truffles and other desserts. But they also have a great selection of (gluten-free) appetizers and “culinary cocktails.” Sitting outside on a warm summer day, quite few people in our party ordered the watermelon soda made with cava wine and garnished with a basil jelly. At only $5, it's quite the bargain.

The curried popcorn made with brown butter is one of those dishes that I now crave, and again with a $2 price point, it's your waistline rather than your pocketbook that feels the effects.

I love marinated artichokes but the preserved lemon and shallots make these remarkable.

Never one to turn down a cheese plate, we selected the manchego, pecan chevre and Pierre Robert cheeses accompanied by roasted nuts, strawberry, pear and pepper relish, apple pate and a sweet onion relish.

On subsequent visits I enjoyed the epoisses and monte enebro cheese in addition to a sweet pecan praline.

I was so enamored of The Chocolate Bar after my first visit that we went back for my birthday celebration. The last two times I was there they even had a small jazz band playing outside. I can’t imagine they will be able to keep that up once the weather gets colder so hurry - go and enjoy the affordable and delicious food and music outdoors.

THE CHOCOLATE BAR Address: 201 West Ponce De Leon Avenue, Suite C Decatur, GA 30030 Phone: 404-378-0630


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos...the watermelon soda with basil jelly looks so beautiful, I think I'll have to try and make it (I live in the Pacific NW, so can't make it to the Chocolate Bar). If I ever do travel down that way, thanks for giving us a place we know we can eat.

jerin said...

Yum! Would it be safe to say that although you're unvoluntarily "more picky" now, you probably eat better than you ever have before? It sure looks like it to me. :)

Sea said...

How yummy it all looks! I really want to try that watermelon soda... and the cheese... and the artichokes. Oh, just sign me up for the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

We tried this place on Sunday and everything was fabulous! Artichokes, curried popcorn, cheese and meat plates. Even tried the Oreos and Cream for dessert, which was suprisingly gluten free. Great place to go after Martinis and IMAX at Fernbank - we'll go with friends next time. Thanks for the post on this place!