A Gluten-Free Farewell To Summer - Pinkberry Style

Pinkberry "Yogurt", originally uploaded by A Gluten Free Guide.

Before you say farewell to Summer, eat some tasty cool (gluten-free) treats that will help you survive the last of the season's heat.

When the over-hyped Pinkberry first arrived in New York I was skeptical. What could possibly warrant lines extending down a city block, prices that make Starbucks seem cheap, and an addiction affectionately called “crackberry” or “frozen heroin juice”?

Well, because the owners won’t reveal their ingredients and didn’t respond to initial requests for allergen information, I didn’t think that I would ever get to sample the Pinkberry wares. However, their site has been recently updated to include it’s gluten-free status. So in the name of gluten-free research, I braved the line, forked over the cash and ordered my own "frozen heroin juice" at their SoHo location (conveniently located around the corner from my hairdresser).

I must say, this tangy-tart treat with just a hint of sweetness is the perfect refreshment on a warm summer afternoon or evening. While many of the toppings are not gluten-free, they keep their assortment of fresh-fruit and berries in a separate section, making cross-contamination less likely. I haven’t tried the green-tea flavored treat yet but will definitely sample it before the first chill hits Manhattan. The distinctly yogurt flavor of the "chilly bliss" may turn off some diners seeking more of a soft-serve ice cream experience. But if any of you are fans of greek yogurt like me, you will be in frozen “yogurt” heaven.

I’m definitely not the first blogger to cover Pinkberry – Angelenos were up in arms over the “yogurt” status of Pinkberry, celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhall have both been spotted with Pinkberry cups in hand, and the LA Times has featured numerous stories about the dessert. If you've tried it, what do you think?
Don't worry if Pinkberry is not your thing, still to come are other soft-serve options for beating the heat gluten-free.


We Love Celebs said...

yum I can't wait to go!

Sea said...

I love that photo with all those mysterious architectural kitchen tools- but what are they???


Catherine said...

Aren't they cool looking? Random for a froyo place I know - but they are kitchen timers and corkscrews