Enjoy Life on Food Network

In case there was any doubt, more media coverage this week shows Gluten-Free is going mainstream. Enjoy Life Foods, whose products I featured in a mixed-results review a few months ago, was featured on this week’s episode of the Food Network’s “Unwrapped” with Marc Summers (all you old Double Dare fans can now reconnect with Marc). This is actually one of three recent pieces in which gluten-free food has been highlighted on Food Network. Alton Brown baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies on "Good Eats" and "Dinner Impossible" featured a mission requiring Chef Irvine to create a gluten-free dish.

The PR team at Enjoy Life is doing a great job of spreading the word. In addition to the coverage on Food Network, they recently sent me two of their new gluten-free cookies to sample.

Emily, my faithful gluten glutton taster, and I were both pleased with the results. They even changed the packaging that we complained about in my first review!

The happy apple cookie was tasty and didn’t have any of the “health food cookie” taste I normally associate with apple flavored cookies.

The lively lemon cookie was definitely the standout during this tasting. The citrus “spice” of the lemon is light and refreshing in this soft and moist cookie.

Thanks to Enjoy Life for making allergen-free goodies that even gluten-gluttons gobble down with relish.


Allergic Girl said...

it *is* exciting that allergen friendly foods are starting to show up on the food newtrok.

however, since ENJOY LIFE changed their recipes and added sugar ["pure brown cane sugar"] and "expeller-pressed" safflower/sunflower oils, i've been less inclined to munch them.

Kelly said...

I like the Enjoy Life concept too...and I'm happy they helped educate people with their spot on Food Network...and I'll eat their stuff, but the only item I REALLY like is the double chocolate cookies.

Rob said...

Hi Catherine,

Try the snickerdoodles. Great cookie. I have trouble preventing myself from eating the entire box.